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Fine control is frequency sweep

Please bring back the fine control of the frequency select dial. The rotor dial when in portrait mode helped select very fine specific frequency of sign tone.

extremely useful sound tech app

I plug a handset into my phone when I'm mixing a show. If I hear a frequency I don't like, or something that's about to feedback, I fire up Generator and match the pitch. This tells me precisely what frequency needs to be notched. With this update, it once again runs fine on my 3GS (iOS 6.13) and my iPad Touch 4 (iOS 6.15). Great use for obsolete devices.

tone generator

VERY low output. Just about unusable for the purposes that I had originally purchased it for. Can folks return apps when they just do not function as they they were advertised to be?

Well worth the money for casual use

I needed a signal generator for my daughter's science fair project, and this fit the bill perfectly. We were building a Rubens' Tube, and needed to generate tones at various frequencies to produce standing waves in the tube. I cannot speak for this app's accuracy as I didn't check, but it was very wasy to twiddle the dials to find the right frequencies, and then to enter them again directly from the keyboard when we were re-doing things for the video. The only complaint I might lodge would be that while in "fine" mode, if you're not looking at the screen, it's a little too easy for your finger to wander off the dial you're moving and make changes to other dials/switches, resulting in some unexpected behavior. I don't know what they could do about this without tactile feedback, but it's something to be aware of.


There is no way to reverse phase!! Please please update. With that update this would be a 5 star app.

Project Engineer

Nice tool, but lacks a sine sweep option. Maybe they can work that into an update.

change in behavior

the program was working no hassels, now there is no frequency response tone wise and the sound builds to a high pitch squeal that has me reaching for the button. Also the sounds coming over the speaker are from the mike. That probably explain the feedback squeal but the problem persists after reloading the software from my laptop. My other sound apps seem no different. Otherwise the program is great so if this is a bug lets fix it.

Handy as a tuning fork

I am a guitar player and I set it to A 440 for a quick tuning check. As a future enhancement it would be cool to have quick tap presets for the other notes in the scale for guitar. I also bought your RTA nice job guys keep them comming.

Pretty cool app

I recomend it I use it to test speakers and bother other people with high pitched tones lol

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